About House of Hammm

Miss Hammm if you're fancy...

Once upon a time, House of Hammm was a thriving little consignment boutique. 

A lost girls attempt at changing her life.  An entrepreneurial dream come to fruition until one day, the world changed.  Covid-19 arrived and kicked House of Hammm Consignment Boutique right in the dick. 

Now let me tell you, I don't even have a dick so you can just imagine how that storm weathered if I'm feeling a kick to an organ that I don't even have.  But, once the swelling went down I could see the forest for the trees. 

When life as a business owner was new, I made an effort to connect with my audience through a small retail blog and opened doors I didn't even know I had the key too; writing.  What started as low rent web log built off deflective comedy and personal anecdotes that make you feel way cool about yourself  by comparison, escalated into legitimate literature which I now hope to develop.   


I know, BIG shift from fashion to composition but I will try to make it worth your while. 

I don't care if you like it, just read it. 






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