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A little help goes a long way

Covid heckin blows. In case you haven't noticed, I am a strong, confident women. I don't need no help. I got this. I am an emotionless, statuesque goddess in the face of pandemonium.

Did I fool you?

If you answered yes, I am a better actress than I thought and I am happy to accept this Oscar on behalf of small businesses everywhere. If you answered no, then DING DING DING! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winna!

Truth be told, I used to consider myself a stone wall of strength when it came to this shit. I am sure I am 100% wrong in that assumption, especially if you ask my sister (AKA my therapist). She will be the first to tell you I've been a hot mess since the day she started dressing me as a Hutterite child and taking me town with her, but I digress. I am no longer that pillar of strength I once thought myself to be. I am in a glass case of emotion (if you didn't read that in Ron Burgundy's voice, go back and try again. I'll wait.).

Yes, I am in a glass case of emotion. Covid has been hard. Running an independent small business during covid or otherwise has been hard. Smiling all day whilst trying to hide lip trembles and anxiety breaths has been hard. Writing this blog has been hard.

“So why write it?” you may ask. Great question, thank you for bringing that up. I am writing this because this is my way of asking the community for help on behalf of House of Hammm without actually asking for help. A gentle nudge in the direction of compassion if you will. Or in layman's terms, straight up manipulation, y'all.

Let's get to business than, shall we? Here are a few very simple ways to help your local consignment lady (me) without actually having to really do anything.

~ Offer a donation of some of your nice clothes that no longer suit you. Not consignment, but donation. Even before Covid, we never turned down a kind gesture like that. If they end up being items we can't sell, we add them to our regular donation rounds to our favourite charitable programs!

~ Use your account balance as in store credit. WE LOVE THIS! IT IS OUR FAVOURITE! PLEASE DO THIS! You can tell it excites me because I am yell typing. It really does helps us out during these holiday months when we aren't as busy regardless of Covid.

Please, oh please use your credit in store?

"Insert puppy dog eyes here”

~ Have your account balance credited to a gift card and give it to someone special during the holidays! Even though I didn't yell type this one in all caps, it is my really, real favourite. It's a great way to help a small business, help yourself save money during the holiday gift giving season, support sustainable shopping and encourage shopping local!

There you have it folks. Sweet, simple, life saving tactics to help get a small business through the holidays. We all know House of Hammm Consignment is scheduled to close shop this spring and we are just trying make our last 7 months here advantageous; allowing us to leave on a confident and heartfelt note, but so many others are out there trying to to stick it out for the long haul and are fighting that good fight every god damn day. Let's be awesome humans and think about what small gestures we can implement to help other small businesses this holiday season? Lethbridge is a city rife with small businesses run by your neighbours, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, dogs, etc. Buy local, or bye local.

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