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Fertilizer is just fancy shit.

Life has changed in the blink of an eye. A very slow blink over a hard twelve-month period, but we will call it a blink for dramatic effect.

We have been under siege by a controversial pandemic for more than a year now, and my former consignment boutique was one of the many small biz casualties lost in the battle and has since closed its doors. Although the circumstances themselves angered me continuously for some time, I can now see the forest through the trees. As we are nipple deep in our third non-essential lock down and I have been placed in a mandatory 10 day isolation, I am definitely grateful to have stepped away when I did.

Without ever even considering the potential of a worldwide quarantine, I started my business for many of the same reasons most young entrepreneurs do. Freedom! Money! Master of my own universe!

Bitch, please.

Was that a dig at entrepreneurism? Maybe a little, maybe a lot, or maybe not at all. Overall, it's a mindset, and sometimes you're on top and sometimes you're six feet under. The kicker here is, those extensive highs and lows could all happen within the same week, there is no agenda. Think about how many ups and downs you could experience in 5 years? Frankly, I will always consider myself an entrepreneur, but I have realized that I am what I like to call, a fair-weather entrepreneur. I will always be out there hustling for that million-dollar idea, but at the end of the day I want to be able to turn off the phone, drink 8 Palm Bays and not worry about whether Joe Blow from Idaho read his contract correctly, or if Sally Party Pants is out there writing bad reviews on Yelp because I forgot to say, "Have a nice day" at the end of a transaction. I want all the glory, without all the headache. Ergo, fair weather entrepreneurialism.

For as long as I have been required to work, I have always lived with the mindset that working for "the man" wasn't for me. I wanted to taste that freedom of being my own boss, and making the rules. I was so caught up with the concept of working 8 hours a day, 5-7 days a week for the majority of our lives is a farce. ( I still believe that, 100%. There is more to life than work, eat, sleep, repeat and by gum I am here to find that magic equation called balance) However, now I have been on both sides of the fence and I am here to tell you, boss or no boss; the grass grows greener where you fertilize it.

I read a phrase a few months ago that hit me so hard and optimistically changed so much about the way I view my career life. I will also tell you; I have never felt like more of an absolute fucking idiot than when I heard this phrase. It is so simple, yet the theory seems to have eluded me my entire adult life.

Your career and your passion do not have to be the same thing.

For some delusional reason I had always been under the impression that those two items were part in parcel. Well shit, right? I may be late to the party, but I am here now and I'm making a hell of an entrance! So here I am, less one business and plus one amazing career opportunity to which I am approaching so differently than any previous opportunities. I am approaching it with the mindset that this new career will help fund my life in such a way that I can pursue my passions and the life I wish to provide for my family. And whadaya know...I am happier human! Well, when I'm not on forced lockdown in my tiny house with limited supplies of vodka and orange juice, I am a happier human.

So, if you are out there (or in my case, locked in there) reading this and it resonates with you even in the slightest, this is your holler from the rooftops. Your sign of a potentially brighter horizon. Take it as you will. I'm no motivational guru, or influencer of quality; but I am a girl who is desperate for a better life. I'm bound to say something worth wile!

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