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Holy oh fuck, we made it.

We did make it, right? This isn't a dream? Well shit, even if it is a dream 2020 is still over. For some, this past year devastated lives, businesses and dreams. For others the year was one of the best to date. I feel that is a true sign that certain things just happen because they happen. You win some, you lose some; although that sentiment really doesn't make handling the some you lose any easier.

House of Hammm Consignment Boutique got hit fairly hard by the current pandemic and it forced us to really take stock in what we are doing, what you guys appreciate about us, and how we should move forward. As you may recall, we made a rather substantial announcement in November about our decision to place our consignment platform for sale and ever since then I get asked multiple times, daily as to what the next plan is! The honest answer is, I have no idea.

What I can tell you though, is even though we are phasing out consignment and will be leaving our brick and mortar space in June we are determined to keep the House of Hammm Community alive online. Something I have learned about our online community is a lot of you follow our socials not because of sustainable shopping, or fashion; you follow for our brand. You follow for the lifestyle and shenanigans and whatever comedic hot spots we can throw at you that day. You follow for Dana, and I would be remiss if I didn't' admit that those follows make my inner super star, attention whore, centre stage, applause seeking self ridiculously happy!

With that in the forefront of our planning process, you will notice us slowly transitioning over the next six months as we move away from consignment in our trendy downtown space to an online community of blogs, podcasts and ecommerce shopping. You will also notice that you will be getting me, Cayleigh. Not House of Hammm Consignment Boutique Cayleigh; but true blue, real deal, 100% original Cayleigh. The very first mistake I made in business was to conform. I was eager to chase success, make those sales and grow my business that I conformed to the image of what I assumed people wanted me to be and I struggled. It wasn't until I let that way of thinking expire and started showcasing myself as my authentic self online that I started to see change. You started to interact on our postings. You started to message me with experiences you've had related to whatever I'm speaking about. You've opened up to me, and this has been one of the most incontestable experiences I have had the entire (almost) four years I have been in this business.

Our Top Nine most liked posts from 2020. Literal proof that fashion is just a side effect of House of Hammm.

I will be transparent when I tell you all, I am terrified about how the next six months will play out. I am sad for the followers we will inevitably lose, but ecstatic for the ones we will gain. I am nervous for my business and what the future holds, but I know discomfort must be felt in order to grow. I am dedicated to continuing to bring you all amazing sustainable fashion items in store while we navigate our way. Baby steps are key, and as we continue I would like to announce the first step with our official re-branding as we enter 2021 simply as, House of Hammm.

Farewell House of Hammm Consignment Boutique, you taught me well.

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