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It's Linda F*cking Lundstrom

Verbatim. "It's Linda F*cking Lundstrom. You're buying it."

Reason number 483 why I actually have the best customers.

In case you're not familiar with Linda, she is one bad ass chick. She is a Canadian icon. She's cooler than you (If you dispute, prove me wrong.), and she's definitely cooler than me.

Cliffs notes version: Linda Lundstrom is a Canadian fashion designer. You probably would know her best for her LAPARKA, which made being cold look sexy. She has 3 honorary Ph. D.s., she is an ambassador for First Nations awareness and uses ethical manufacturing processes for her designs. Leave it to Cay to write a blog about a women who makes wickedly warm winter jackets while we are in the middle of an Alberta heat wave. Whatever, I do what I want.

Circle back to the cliffs notes, and Linda's ethical manufacturing process. I like this for several reasons, but mainly because of ethical energy. Between companies like Linda Lundstrom who use ethical energy in their manufacturing process and people like me in the business of re-circulation doing our small part to reduce the megaladon sized carbon foot the fashion industry has we might just be ok! I mean ya, I suppose all the other ethical things she does, like ethical production and giving workers safe and happy work environments is cool and all, but what will that matter if we keep shitting all over our planet and none of us can work anyway because we've actually ruined the world? Makes you wonder what the dinosaurs did to deserve that meteor. I mean, look at this shit show now! If this hasn't earned us a meteor I can only imagine what shenanigans those Dino's were up to.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no fashion martyr. I throw shit out, all the time. Some things are just too far gone to be re-sold, but you can be damn sure I do my best and we donate a ton of great stuff to amazing causes. This is one of the reasons I've been so poopy pants about the rising theft in our city, and especially about the theft in my store. I carry a wide variety of great items from lesser brands such as Joe Fresh (Not shitting on you Joe, just sayin!) all the way up to Linda F*cking Lundstrom, among others. My prices are extremely reasonable too, so it blows my mind. Who do you think you're impressing when you come into my adorable boutique and steal that dress that's priced for literally 1/4 of what it would cost new? Do you go back to your friends and say "Looks at this reasonably priced dress I totally stole! I'm so hardcore!"

I was hardcore once. I went full gangster and stole a bikini top from the SAAN Store when I was 15. I got caught red handed and I was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I worked my 100 hours of community service and had to issue an apology to the SAAN Store Corporation. Linda would have been so disappointed in me. It was a hideous bathing suit too. In hindsight, SAAN probably should have apologized to me for subjecting my stupid teen brain to that atrocity. Point being, I learned a valuable lesson and I never stole again, until that time I got drunk at a bar in B.C. and got caught behind the bar pouring my own drinks... or that time I stole a camper van, and didn't realize there were people still sleeping in the back and they woke up in another town...


REVISION: I never stole clothing ever again.

So it begs the question, why aren't there more Linda's in this world and less teenage Cay's?

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