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If this isn't the textbook term of bitter sweet I don't know what is. This is officially our last blog as an operating consignment boutique. I know we said we were going to push through until June, but Covid had other plans for us. House of Hammm Consignment Boutique's last official day of sustainable shopping will be this March 13th, 2021.

To say maneuvering through a closure due to a global pandemic was an emotionally stressful and draining experience would be an understatement. During this process, I reckon I felt every single emotion in the human repertoire, sometimes daily. The part that irks the most is simply the fact that just prior to the global outbreak, I had finally figured out the working knowledge needed to control this ever changing business I had started. I was doing things as correct as I could. We had figured out a great system and put it in place together as business and consumer. I had it finally figured out and was on course to be a small business fully functioning in the black within a few years of conception. That is an impressive feat, and I must remind myself what a huge accomplishment that could have been and to be proud of what I was able to execute with the time I was given. On track, yes; until something that an average Joe realistically could have prepared for happened, and my track was plowed over in less than a year's time and thus brought this particular adventure to an end.

Sometimes life gives you exactly what you didn't know you needed.

I don't write these words for sadness or sympathy from you; I write this to encourage you. The year 2020 taught many of us a laundry list of lessons. Humility, patience, kindness, standing up for what is right, just to name a few. It also taught every single one of us that life is much shorter than we anticipate and taking it for granted is in all accounts, foolish.

As I prepare to close our doors here for the final time, I too have to take stock in what I have learned this year despite the speed bump that is Covid 19. I've learned being a business owner and an entrepreneur are two vastly different beasts. I began blogging through the boutique and quickly discovered a love and drive towards writing not only blogs, but stories full of suspense and wonder. I've learned to be patient with my body as I navigate the stresses of business ownership both good and bad. I've learned what I can tolerate as an individual and that sometimes you have to ask for help. I taught myself how to start and finish a whole damn business. Most importantly though, I've learned that re-direction is often interpreted as the feeling of failure.

Don't let the fear of failure hold you back from pursuing all the things you wish to accomplish in this short life. The universe has a way of showing us the things we didn't even know we needed in the guise of misfortune. So, as we prepare to say good bye to what was once the House of Hammm Consignment Boutique I would like to remind you; when you are faced with the feelings of failure please, stop and assess. Is this actually a failure, or a re-direction?

So get out there, follow your stupid fucking dreams and let your failures guide you to a life you didn't know you needed.

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