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Pride is not a sin.

We are nearing the holiday season, and a New Year approaches. So much contemplation, over analyzing, under analyzing, low points of failing thoughts followed by high points of pure self accomplishment now is the time to reflect.

I am damn proud.

I am proud of this business I have been consistently working to create. I am proud of the amazing people and new friends who visit the store and support our vision. I am proud of the commradery within the small business army in the city of Lethbridge. I am proud that the I have held true to the giving essence of House of Hammm while not allowing any doormat tendencies. All bullshit left at the door!

Sure, I have moments of pure and utter anxiety. Hell, I worked myself into a stress induced case of shingles (Spoiler alert. It's no longer an elderly disease. Don't listen to them when they tell you not to get the vaccine until you're 50.) I often retreat into the corner of a dark room with my bottle of wine, imposing all my daily troubles onto my 4 pound chihuahua with forced snuggles all whilst questioning all the entrepreneurial decisions and life choices I've made along the line. But I have come to realize, that's just a thing I must learn to live with as a small business owner, even more so when I am the the only employee of said small business. And here I am, alive and somewhat well!

Look at that...one more thing to be proud of!

I really don't understand why pride is considered a sin. This past year The House of Hammm has grown so much due to hard work, perseverance, help from loved ones, and never ending education. I am definitely not going to set aside my beaming pride for my accomplishments nor the accomplishments of loved ones.

I earned it! They earned it! Celebrate!

When someone gives a compliment, you generally see the receiver of said compliment blush, shy away, or even try to argue with the compliment giver. What happened to saying "thank you" and take a little bit of pride that someone noticed something in you, enough so that they felt compelled to tell you? Sure, you might not agree with the compliment but chances are that someone is seeing something amazing in you that you would never think to look for within yourself.

I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I've just been saying all this to try and remind myself that everything goes up and down and that in all reality life is good! Pride in yourself is good, saying thank you is good and following your dreams is even gooder!

Success and confidence isn't built on self doubt. Business or personal, how can we expect to grow if we do not have pride in ourselves, or in our visions for success?

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