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Put me in Coach...

Business Coach, that is. Before you berate me and remind me that I already cleverly used this caption to market some awesome Coach handbags; don't worry, I remember. It just worked really well in this instance as well. No shame. I am a caption recycler.

So, I went to see a Business Coach and boy howdy, what a way to light a fire under your ass! I left there this morning with a new drive that I haven't felt sparked since I first started this business!

Here we are, the months post Christmas and New Year season. I won't sugar coat it, shit's slow. It's easy to get down on yourself as a business owner during your slow months whenever they may be for you. But, how do we manage sanity during those slow moments? I don't know about you, but I goal set and meeting with a Business Coach was one of those goals.

Check 1 off the list. Only like, 342 more goals to go!

I can't be the only weirdo out there getting my rocks off from setting goals, can I? Why is it so exhilarating to write down these little words, that turn into actions, that turn into moving targets, then into a bulls eye shot when you complete that goal? Exhilarating indeed, but that's just my jam! But hey, goal setting obviously won't be everyone's jam. Maybe goal setting to you is less like delicious jam and more like marmalade....chunky and weird (admit it, marmalade is weird). Everyone is different, and you can't compare your jam to someone else's jam, let alone someone else's marmalade. However, I am a firm believer that there is some kind of jam for everyone out there to help them maneuver through their slow seasons or down times, and the quest for sanity. Or maybe you're just lucky and stay busy and perky all year round.

If you are one of those lucky people...bite me.

Just kidding, don't bite me; but please let me rub against you to acquire your perky luck by osmosis.

Call it a coincidence that my slow months fall at the exact same time everyone is out there making New Years Resolutions and goal setting for the fresh new year. Seeing everyone else out there crushing goals is inspirational as all heck when I get into my goal setting zone. I am actually seeing a super cool correlation between people's new year fitness goals, and business goals. What do you do when you want to lose weight? You put in extra time, push through the pain, and in time see results. The same play can be used in business when you want to make a change. You don't sweat as much, and the pain is usually more emotional than physical, but in time the results start to show through. Just like a six pack. A six pack of abs, not beer... in case I needed to clarify.

But long story short. I went to see a Business Coach. It was a good day.

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