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Rainbow Bright

I wore an outfit the other day that gave me instant memories.

Do you ever have that, when you see a specific thing, or smell a specific something that just takes you back to an exact moment? For instance: You smell Sambuca and your magically 18 years old again and there is throw-up in your bed. You smell Raspberry Lip Smackers you are 12 years old again, and your hot shit because you have a little bit of boobs, and you hold hands with your boyfriend, like, all the time? You see someone with a side ponytail and remember that girl who once made fun of your mustard yellow blazer, but who is she to judge because its 2005 and who honestly wears a side pony tail?

That blazer was awesome. But in hindsight I guess her side pony was pretty rad too.

Anyone else experience these randomly triggered memories? No? Just me? Ok, cool.

Well, when I was in college, there was a snarky snark in the next class who I had a mutual friend with. The mutual friend would always tell us what nasty things she would say about us all. Obviously I needed to know what she thought of me.

"What the fuck is up with Rainbow Bright?"

Blazer: White House Black Market ~ Tank: Rock & Roll Cowgirl ~ Skirt:  Alfred Sung
Rainbow Bright Lives On!

That is what she thought of me. A love for brightly colored clothing was something she just clearly couldn't fathom. How sad.

Laughter ensued, then many months of purposely wearing the brightest clothing I could muster every day our classes crossed paths. Petty? Oh yes! But I also used to be petty enough to comment on ex-boyfriends pictures on Facebook just so their new girlfriends could stalk me and worry about how cute I was. So on levels of petty, Rainbow Bright petty is pretty minimal.

My style has been quoted as many different things over the years, and rightly so. My style changes on a regular basis. I change like chameleon and I shift with my environment. I've been called Morticia Adams and Kesha all in the same week. Seriously though, Morticia is basically the sexiest woman alive and has a perfect marriage, and Kesha looks like a damn good time and gets to brush her teeth with Jack Daniels.

Frankly, I'm honored to be on their level.

I am a bit like an octopus at times too; my style changes with my mood. Sometimes it's even a defense mechanism. I can't spray you with ink, so I'm just gonna go change my outfit and keep the assholes at bay. Really though, what better defense mechanism than a loud as shit outfit? It keeps the douchey boys away because they are scared of anything that will emasculate them, and it keeps the snarky snarks in check, because they only deal behind your back. I have personally found that a loud outfit brings around the people you want to have in your bubble. Those unafraid of the loud are the ones you can share the loud with.

Those unafraid of the loud are the ones you can share the loud with.

The thing I preach so often at the House of Hammm is that fashion isn't so much what you wear, but it's an expression of who you want to be that day. What persona will you embody today? What dress up game are you going to play? Goth? Pin up girl? Sexpot?

That is the beauty of it. YOU CAN BE ANY ONE!

So be who you want to be!

As long as it's not a snarky snark...because then I will write a blog about you.

So, who do you want to be today?

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