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Hey there! Remember me? I'm that girl who keeps starting businesses, forgets to update her blog and keeps biting off more than she can chew. Yeah, you remember...

Gosh, how are you guys? It feels like forever! You look really nice today, that shirt really brings out the color of your eyes. Love your shoes!

What?! I am NOT kissing ass...you don't know what your talking about.

Ok, ok, you caught me. I might be ass kissing, just a little. You see, I run a small business. Two small businesses now, actually and this is that time of year where small business owners need the love and support of our beloved customers the most.

This. Is. Christmas.

(If you didn't read this in a Gerard Butler "This is Sparta!" style internal voice, go back and do it again, but this time do it right.)

As you know, in addition to the wondrous second hand community we have built with The House of Hammm Consignment Boutique, I took a chance and dove head first into the world of online shopping, and thus Electric Velvet Vintage was born! I have had the urge to test the E commerce water's for some time now, and EVV felt like the right opportunity to do so.

If you haven't had the liberty of visiting the EVV website, there is no time like the present (or wait like, 2-3 more days because a new collection is launching and there will be more to shop!)! I built this website all by myself with the simplistic color by number style protocols Wix provided me. It's a mediocre website at best, and I am DAMN proud of if!


So, if my obvious request for you to please view and support a developing young business, focusing on the forefront of sustainability, recycling, re purposing and general green initiatives eludes you, please see the following list of the top ten reasons to add Electric Velvet Vintage to your shopping repertoire.

1 ~ I asked politely.

2 ~ Electric Velvet Vintage sources specifically juicy, unique and fun vintage pieces that can be modernized to fit your perfect individual styles.

3 ~ We ship all throughout Canada and the US in addition to offering local YQL pick up. We also only ship with recycled packaging!

4 ~ We find kick ass chicks to model our clothing. We showcase the items being lived in, and worn by these wicked women doing their wicked things. Having fun and being themselves! No photo shop, no bullshit.

5 ~ Most of the time when we take our photos, we are drunk. Therefore when you shop Electric Velvet Vintage whilst having that bottle, wait.. I mean glass of wine, you're technically not drinking alone!

6 ~ Our photos are as amateur as they come. There are shadows, blurs, selfies, and all in all, very meh work (we are generally drunk, remember?). You can use this as an opportunity to sit around with your friends and mock my work and know that your truly better people than I! Come on, it will be fun!

7 ~ Shopping small businesses, let alone small businesses with a focus on sustainability will be your good deed for the day. Then you can go right back to being as asshole and justify it, because you did a good thing!

8 ~ You can shop online 24 hours a day. Electric Velvet Vintage never closes, unlike that damn Hammm place. Did you hear she takes vacations and stuff?! Lazy wretch.

9 ~ Electric Velvet Vintage launches new items monthly by collection. We merchandise the clothing to tell a story with our signature comedic styled writing. We all know my classic writing skills are what really keeps you around, right? RIGHT??

10 ~ Small businesses need you. Whether we are online, brick and mortar, pop ups, makers, shakers, bakers or fakers; we need you. You, the consumer are our lifeline.

Thank you to all who support House of Hammm, Electric Velvet and all the other small businesses not only during the holiday's but all year round.

We see you, we love you, thank you.

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