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Well, here goes something!

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

So this is it.

I, Miss Hammm; previous hater of all things Social Media is now a blogger. I am here for two reasons. One: To help promote the House of Hammm Consignment Boutique, to which I pour my heart and soul into every day. Two: To help others navigate their way through this ridiculous party called life with all my wondrously awkward encounters through this world and to prove (to myself and others) that Social Media is in fact, not the devil! ;-)

I am here to bewilder you with consignment shenanigans, annoy you with tips on how to keep your clothes in immaculate condition, make you jealous with all the sweet pieces I find, and ultimately attempt to make you smile or holy shit, better yet; make you laugh!

To get right down to the nitty gritty. I used to hate life. Legit hate it. Long story short, I am the epitome of a bad cliche, and I made the changes and now I am that obnoxious person telling you "If I can do it, so can you!" And you know what? I'm right. So there.

This is my first blog post ever! Chances are it is probably pretty horrible and we will look back at it in 6 months and snort-laugh and how awful I was at blogging. I look forward to that day. So, bear with me these first few blogs. Be gentle, I'm new here. Don't be Grammar Nazi's and in general just don't be dicks, which is a motto I like to carry into most of my life experiences (the dick part, not the grammar part. Grammar is ridiculous).

Is this where I shamelessly say "Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our daily updates and happenings at the House of Hammm"?

Ok, then.

House of Hammm Consignment Boutique can be found on both Facebook and Instagram @houseofhammm


Miss Hammm

Photographer - D.S. Photography

Stylist & Locale - House of Hammm

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