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What a time to be alive!

What a time to be alive! (?)

Here we are, reeling and reveling in the chaos that is now life and we are all handling it differently. Some of us are struggling, some are basking in the quiet glory, and some of us are going bat shit crazy.

As a non-essential, I have been forced to (temporarily) close.

First off, let me say the biggest loudest THANK YOU to everyone who is considered an essential from nurses and doctors, to the fine folks in the fast food division feeding our long haul truckers and delivery drivers and all those in between. You are all incredible and we appreciate you now, more than ever.

Second off, I generally like to follow the rules but there is something about our Government ordering me to close shop, then giving me highly unfair regulations in regards to assistance for said closure that sits very poorly with me and makes me want to rebel, hard. Rebel like when I was 14 and lied about my age to get my tongue pierced then somehow managed to hide it from my parents for months. Yeah, I am a renegade. But I won't rebel, I will behave. I will behave because I understand that people's lives hang in the balance and I will do what I can to help the world get through this crisis quickly. I will behave because the earth needs to heal. I will behave because I will be damned if I can't spend my days off this summer on the boat getting my painfully white ass sunburned to a crisp. I will behave, but that doesn't mean I want to rebel any less.

(Edit: Since writing the original blog draft, the Government announced a regulation that will allow me as a small business to qualify for CERB, whilst still bringing in up to $1000 per month in sales. I just didn't want to re-write this blog to accommodate that. I am lazy.)

During this time of self isolation, being forced away from my business I have made a point of taking stock in certain lessons that have been involuntarily thrust in my face. Let's take a look at what Cay has learned while tits deep in Covid 19.

#1 – I am nocturnal. Without having a daily scheduled day to keep my brain occupied during the daylight, I have reverted to my nocturnal ways. I am the night. I am darkness. I am basically a giant pasty assed, blonde bat who can't fly. Envision that for a moment; it's majestic really.

#2 – Stress causes me to craft, and crafting has caused me to realize I have no time for symmetry, clean lines or perfection. Kind a bummer really. Now my dreams of going back to school, going into huge amounts of student debt and getting a degree in Engineering so I can tell people I am an Engineer and that they are wrong, and I am right and all the reasons why, is totally shot. If you're an Engineer, you're probably offended... but if you're not an Engineer and you know an Engineer, you totally get it.

#3 – I deflect through comedy. If you didn't catch that, read #2 again.

#4– I have realized I have some truly incredible individuals as customers and consignors, and I need to level up my game and do something special for them once normality returns. Like, REALLY freaking special! Suggestions are welcome but preferably around 3 AM because if you recall, I am the night. I have also learned who I don't want to be our customer. It's rather spectacular how in a crisis time such as this, people's true colors start to bleed. I see you, jerk face. I. SEE. YOU.

So far 2020 in it's entirety as been a real pain in the ass. Let's work together and focus on making it's remaining eight months a butt hole free zone, why don't we? Many small businesses are struggling right now, with or without Government assistance and many small businesses will continue to struggle after our new level of normalcy is debuted. We as small businesses are here due to you, thanks to you and will do whatever we can to survive for you. We are fighting to survive for our beloved customers as much as we are for ourselves.

Be kind, be supportive and above all be patient.

#supportsmallbusiness #wearefighting #weappreciateyou

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